Phantoms of new orlens
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Item #: SCP-7914

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its fixed geographical location, SCP-7914-2 does not require physical containment. The area designated as SCP-7914-2 has been acquired by a Foundation front company, and is heavily monitored to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the zone. Installation of surveillance cameras around the area ensures constant surveillance of all entrance routes. Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-7914 must have a Cognitive Resistance Value of 3 to mitigate unexpected exposure effects. Personnel interacting with SCP-7914-2 inhabitants must familiarize themselves with New Orleans culture and accent to maintain the work of the foundation. Do not mention of food that is outside the realm of gumbo and beignets, negative talk regarding the football team 'Saints', Denying food that is offered to you, attempting to damage or harm anything or anyone within SCP-7914-2 without proper authorization. Past attempts to do so have consistently failed, often leading to the perpetrator's termination.

Description: SCP-7914 is a town located in Louisiana, SCP-7914-2 cannot be accessed by other means except SCP-7914-1, a tour bus with no branding or company. SCP-7914 is approximately 320 kilometers away from the city of New Orleans. SCP-7914-2 is identical to New Orleans in geographical layout and architecture, but its anomaly comes from differences in cultural aspects.

Inside of SCP-7914-2, there are referred to as SCP-7914-3, are humanoid entities nearly indistinguishable from regular humans in appearance. They often embody extreme stereotypes about New Orleans, often perpetuated in media and by people unfamiliar with the city's culture. This includes such stereotypes as extreme indulgence in voodoo practices, consistent participation in Mardi Gras-esque parades every weekend, and a diet consisting entirely of gumbo, beignets, and red beans.

SCP-7914-3 entity interaction with visitors is generally peaceful if visitors comply with SCP-7914's cultural norms. However, refusal or incapability to participate in SCP-7914-3 customs results in SCP-7914-3 becoming increasingly hostile. Multiple reports have documented violent behavior from SCP-7914-3 entities, leading to the use of subjects as sacrifices, by █████████.

The origins and purpose of SCP-7914 are currently unknown. Attempts to communicate with SCP-7914-3 entities regarding the history or birthing process of the town result in violent and non-coherent responses.

Discovery: SCP-7914-1 was discovered on August 31st, 2005, following Hurricane Katrina. In which the city was flooded, and while flooded. Multiple reports of a bus driving under the water were given to undercover foundation personnel.


On 12/08/1992, a group of Foundation personnel entered SCP-7914-2 to conduct a communication test. Agent Smith refused to participate in a ritualistic 'voodoo' ceremony. SCP-7914-3 entities turned hostile and removed Agent Smith's eyeballs by [Redacted]. Agent Smith was retrieved with severe physical and mental trauma. All necessary personnel extraction measures were taken.

Note from Doctor Esper:

"It is evident that SCP-7914-2 is not a suitable environment for individuals who do not adhere to its cultural practices. Understanding and respecting the current culture, no matter how incorrect or exaggerated it may seem, is essential for maintaining peace and ensuring safety within SCP-7914."