Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a standard anomalous humanoid containment chamber furnished with all basic amenities.


SCP-XXXX is a heavily mutated humanoid of Eastern European descent identified as once being Alexi Delvina, a dock worker from O██████, Ukraine. Despite SCP-XXXX being born in 1921, it's apparent age appears to be that of a young adult, although heavily mutated.

SCP-XXXX possesses several mutations, the most prominent of which being the stomach, torso, neck, and lower face being replaced by two large, overlapping wing like appendages that appear similar to bat wings. These appendages are often folded over each other, utilising rib-like bone structures to hold them in place, reminiscent of Dionaea muscipula1 leaf structure. When in this folded over state, SCP-XXXX appears to have a somewhat human silhouette.

The interior of SCP-XXXX's torso has been completely repurposed, and now hosts a large maw with several rows of sharp teeth which it uses to consume food whole. The food is digested in a large stomach like organ filled with highly corrosive material. Several other organs are present within SCP-XXXX's torso, including a number of tongue analogues, two hearts, a number of basic eyes, and several other organs whose purpose is currently unknown. Despite several highly predatory adaptations, SCP-XXXX prefers to isolate itself from any form of human interaction.

SCP-XXXX's secondary anomalous property manifests in the form of carnomantic abilities. In addition to regenerative capabilities, SCP-XXXX possesses the ability to reshape and grow its flesh into a number of 'plants' composed of its own organic material. These growths can be seen sprouting from SCP-XXXX's body in various locations, and can be removed and 'planted' on practically any surface. After planting, these growths will continue to spread and grow over time, showing a variable amount of growth speed not exceeding the abilities of SCP-XXXX itself.

A brief catalogue of 'plants' grown by SCP-XXXX can be found below.