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Item#: 7543
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7543 is subject to revised containment procedures following Incident 7543-2-1. The lens of SCP-7543 must be stored within a specialized container located in an undersea cavern situated off the coast of [REDACTED]. This cavern is to be designated Temporary Containment Site 33-A.

The lens and container are to be suspended 1.5km above the cavern floor, utilizing four cables composed of threaded steel. The lens must be oriented with its exposed surface facing downwards towards the ground. Two searchlights are to be positioned—one above the lens and one illuminating the ground. Security cameras are in place at both locations, with a minimum of two Foundation personnel continuously monitoring the area.

A pit lined with lead (approximately 20m x 20m) is built into the caverns floor, directly underneath the lens. Cleaning crews are to remove any disintegrated particles from the pit, at most, four hours after they fall into it. The cleaning tools must be made of plastic or lined with lead. At no time are metal tools to be used.

All collected particles are to be given to the SCP-7543 research team. Any additional particles must be incinerated.

All research requests pertaining to SCP-7543 itself require the approval of a member of 05 command. Violation of this protocol will result in immediate termination.


SCP-7543 at time of containment

Description: SCP-7543 is an anomalous telescope that, upon proper assembly of its components, activates and provides observers with the ability to view an alternate universe (designated 001/02). The observation point in the alternate universe corresponds to its placement in our own universe.

While the individual components of SCP-7543 do not exhibit anomalous properties, its anomalous function becomes operational only when fully assembled. Approval from 04 personnel has been obtained to incorporate additional lenses to enhance the telescope's visual capabilities.

Information regarding universe 001/02 is limited. What has so far been gathered from test and exploration logs is as follows.

Quantum entanglement in Universe 001/02 is considerably more pronounced than in our universe. Particles in this universe are intertwined on a deeper level, enabling instant communication over vast distances.

The stability of atomic structures in Universe 001/02 surpasses that of our universe. This heightened stability has led to the formation of elements and isotopes that are inherently unstable in our reality. The resulting materials possess exceptional durability, strength and in some cases, malleability.

Universe 001/02 operates within a framework of multidimensional spacetime, granting access to dimensions beyond the customary three. This multidimensional manipulation facilitates the creation of advanced technologies, including those that enable faster-than-light travel and dimensional exploration.

Aside from the differing laws of physics, the telescope views an alternate solar system. This solar system is comprised of a star and six planets. The third planet is inhabited by an unknown civilisation. This civilisation seems to be much more advanced than ours, possessing space stations and extraterrestrial colonies. For more information refer to exploration log 7543-2-1.

Origin: SCP-7543 was discovered in [REDACTED], Australia. It was located in a university club room not accessible via the internal hallways. This room was not known to any of the staff, and was missing from the construction plans.

The only distinguishing feature of this room was plaque on one of the walls. This plaque read: Weird stuff science club. No members of this club have currently been found.

Further investigation into how the anomaly appeared there, and who the club's members are is currently underway.

Addendum: Following Incident 7543-2-1, SCP-7543's classification has been elevated from Safe to Keter. Ongoing research aims to develop a secure containment method for the item. Until an appropriate solution is established, current containment procedures are to be maintained, and all emergency protocols are to be enacted.
Note: All attempts to make physical contact with elements from the alternate universe have ended in the immediate disintegration of said elements entire atomic structure.