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Item #: IDEA-1

Object Class: Euclid

Level 2


Special Containment Procedures:
The whole containment cell should be 267 x 89 square meters big, each member has their own room being 3 x 3 square similar to the class-d cells. The room should have an outer 5 inch thick concrete wall with the living compartments being 1 inches thick. Every instance should have a living compartment corresponding with their sub number. Security of the containment needs two Security Guards standing post 18 hours per day.

SCP-IDEA-1 is a phenomenon that gives random personnel powers similar to the Ancient Greek gods. No anomaly has been found causing this phenomenon1. This usually happens every 10-25 days after, if there are any other instances, MTF Squad t1 will locate the instance and will now become part of the MTF Squad t1.The phenomenon has stopped since ██/██/████.

Designated “Zeus” is the leader of the MTF t1. SCP-IDEA-1a is able to create lightning to reach as far as approximately 3 meters, it can also hack or destroy any device once it reaches physical contact with the item.

Designated “Poseidon” is the co-leader of MTF t1. Instance SCP-IDEA-1b is able to create and manipulate water out of thin air. (Note that SCP-IDEA-1b abilities are enhanced in humid areas, avoid testing in humid places). SCP-IDEA-1b can control all fish (excluding anomalous beings) and talk to them.

Designated “Hades” is able to start a fire to whatever it touches even if fire resistant it will still burn (excluding kevlar and nomex), due to this, special procedure for instance SCP-IDEA-1c should always wear kevlar or nomex gloves until told to remove them by a level 3 researcher. Instance IDEA-1c has a trail of fire that follows it wherever it goes, a special tunnel in instance IDEA-3’s room will lead to the closet armory and all MTF transportation garages/helipads to reduce fire hazards.

Designated “Demeter” is able to help increase the growth of plants and grow plants on any material, the trees and plants made by instance SCP-IDEA-1d can not burn at all making her and the plant anomalous as well. any item made of natural material will grow vines/shrubs/saplings.2

Designation “Hermes” is able to drive any vehicle even though he has no experience whatsoever. all sound instance SCP-IDEA-1e makes is muted, as well as the fact that instance SCP-IDEA-1e has been stealing from all types of personnel ranging from D-class to MTF. Because instance IDEA-1e has been thieving, metal detectors should be placed outside of instance SCP-IDEA-1e’s room, any punishment (except for termination) will be chosen by containment manager.

Designation “Artemis” She is able to summon beasts which include the following: wolfs, deer, and bears. All beasts summoned cannot feel any pain. SCP-IDEA-1f will only use a bow and arrow, if a bobw and arrow aren't provided, SCP-IDEA-1f will go into a rage state killing any non-SCP. If a bow and arrow are given, it will leave its rage state.

Designation “Apollo” IDEA-1g is good at archery. He is able to hold 2 bows at the same time and shoot 3 arrows at the same time. IDEA-1g causes people around him to speak the truth making him ideal for interrogation. SCP-IDEA-1g can change the direction of sunlight before it hits the ground, for example sun rays, and sunlight.

designation “Dionysus” is always holding a beverage that is very strong in taste and can drunken the mind (ex. rum, beer, martini, wine). Instance IDEA-1j cannot go on any missions, instead, should be put in farming plots controlled by the SCPF3.