Vendomil's Document 087-IV

The following document was written by me/Vendomil. I was thinking over a year, what could happend in the Document-087-IV. Of course, it is not a official 4th Document Log of SCP-087. No one can find Zaeyde's document log, and that's awesome. That's why Zaeyde not release the fouth document log, because we can make own fantasy, what would happend in there. You can play also all documents of SCP-087 as horror map in Minecraft.

Launch Trailer (Released):



Document #087-IV: Exploration IV

D-9952 is a 32-year old Caucasian male of strong build and unremarkable psychological background. Class D designation is due to murder of [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-9952 is equipped with a 75 watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours, a 2 handheld camcorder fitted with a transmission stream, and an audio headset for communication with Dr. ██████. D-9952 is also equipped with a backpack containing 4 litres of water, 15 nutrient bars, 1 thermal blanket and 1 handheld flare, which has a luminosity of 700 candelas and lasts for 3 minutes after lighting flare. D-9952 received the task to find D-9884 from Exploration-III, but no further information was provided.

Video and audio feeds from both camcorders are working. D-9952 is inside at SCP-087 and later stops before the first step.

D-9952: What happened to D-9884?
Dr.██████: We are not giving you your freedom so you can ask questions. Please continue descend.

D-9952 descends for 13 steps and stops on the first landing, as he reaches the platform he stops.

D-9952: There's a child down there, it's probably a girl, she's crying and begging for help.
Dr.██████: Thank you. Please continue down.

D-9952 descends. Upon reaching the next landing, the sound of the crying child is picked up, consistent with the three previous expeditions. D-9952 continues to the 17th landing and notices the substance, which is unchanged from the previous expedition. D-9952 describes the scent as rusty metal. D-9952 proceeds to the 51st landing. The 51st landing remains unchanged from the previous expeditions. The subject continues his descent until he reaches the 89th landing and was asked to look into the hole.

D-9952 looks into the hole for 7 seconds. The subject shines the floodlight down, revealing only blackness.

D-9952: There's nothing.
Dr.██████: Please ignite and drop the flare into the hole and count the seconds of the fall.

D-9952 takes off his backpack and picks up the handheld flare. D-9952 ignites the flare on the third attempt and drops the flare into the hole. As he drops the flare, D-9952 crouches and quietly counts, 10 seconds later. The flare seems only to be a dot in the video feed for another 32 seconds, then disappears.

D-9952: Holy shit, it's too deep. It's been 43 seconds and the flare still hasn't touched the bottom.
Dr.██████: Do you have any idea how deep that hole could be?
D-9952: I don't know. Maybe 5 kilometers. Maybe even more.
Dr.██████: Thank you. Please continue down until you encounter anything unusual.

In the analysis, the depth of that hole may be more than 9 km.

D-9952 continues to descend SCP-087 for approximately an hour, covering an additional 175 flights. D-9952 stops to rest on the 263rd landing, consuming 1 nutrient bar and several gulps of water. After pausing for 5 minutes, D-9952 resumes his descent, making no stops for another 339 flights, 2.3 hours later. D-9952 is on the 602nd landing, then pauses.

Dr.██████: Is there a reason you stopped? -
D-9952: [interrupting] Shh.

D-9952 pauses for the next 5 seconds.

D-9952: [Whispering] Sounds like some a woman crying down there. Do you hear that?

None of the described audio is feeding through both cameras or mic at this time. Only the girl crying is heard.

Dr.██████: Could you please describe the sound?
D-9952: She's crying and sobbing [pause] then coughs. And she keeps repeating that.
Dr.██████: Can you estimate her distance from your current location?
D-9952: She's far away like the kid, so 100 to 200 meters down.
Dr.██████: Thank you. Please continue down.

The subject descends another 13 steps. As he reaches the landing, audio of the woman as described is picked up. The woman alternates between sobbing and coughing. Sounds of the woman is identical to D-9884 who did not return to the entrance.

Dr.██████: Can you still hear the crying of the woman?
D-9952: Yeah. What if they trying to lure me down here?
Dr.██████: Please keep descend.

D-9952 continues another 30 flights (total of 633 flights) approximately where D-9884 tripped and fell. While the subject is descending, the sound of the crying woman is increasing in volume. In the video feed is presence of substance same identical to the 17th landing and occupying a space approximately 250 centimeters in diameter.

D-9952: There's on the ground something, that looks like the same substance. It smells horrible.
Dr.██████: Can you describe the scent?
D-9952: Same as previously, rusty metal [pause] with blood. It smells like blood.
Dr.██████: Thank you. Can you still hear the crying?
D-9952: Well, I'm getting closer to the woman. But the kid is still far away.
Dr.██████: Please continue down until you encounter anything unusual.

D-9952 continues to an additional 17 flights. D-9952 is standing on the 650th landing, audio feed indicates the crying woman is on another landing. D-9952 starts heavy breathing.

D-9952: Oh fuck. I don't want to go down there.
Dr.██████: Can you please estimate her distance from your current location?
D-9952: She's on the next flight.
Dr.██████: Please continue down.

D-9952 starts to descend. The flood lamp illuminates crying D-9884 standing turned to the back and hands on the wall at the bottom of the flight. D-9952 is going slowly towards D-9884 until D-9952 is 3 meters from D-9884.

D-9952: Hey, is that you? D-9884?

D-9884 stops crying and turns toward the D-9952. D-9884 has pale skin, some traces of the substances, and some tics on her body.

D-9884: Thank god! Please get me out of here.
D-9952: What happened to you?
D-9884: I don't know. I don't remember. I'm cold. Please, I want to get out of here!
Dr.██████: Please continue down together descent.
D-9952: Doc! You're crazy! She is freaking out!
Dr.██████: Please continue as per our agreement.
D-9952: Goddammit, Doc! Can't you see that? She experienced something terrible here!


D-9952: Sorry, but we have to continue together descend.

D-9952 and D-9884 continues to descent approximately an hour later covering an additional 129 flights. The sound of the girl crying and pleading has been increasing in volume, which D-9952 notices. D-9952 and D-9884 stops to rest on the 762nd landing, D-9952 gave D-9884 consuming 1 nutrient bar, and several gulps of water. The subjects are estimated 2.9 kilometers below the initial landing. D-9952 and D-9884 resumes their descent, making no stops for another 291 flights, 1.3 hours later. D-9952 and D-9884 are on the 1053rd landing, an approximately 4.1 km below the ground level. Audio feed indicates strong proximity to the source of the crying.

Dr.██████: How far below would you estimate the source of the sound to be?
D-9952: It's like 30 to 70 meters down -
D-9884: [interrupting] No, I feel it.
D-9952: What do you feel?
D-9884: It's down there [pause] the face.
D-9952: What do you mean?


D-9884: Please don't listen him. We have to start ascending!
D-9952: The truth is we are getting closer. If it's only a floating face without a weapon. It can't hurt us. We can do it.


D-9884 stands on the platform and looks at the ground with an insulting expression and her tics cease. D-9952 decides to start going down by himself. Before the subject stepping down on the next stair, the sound like someone falls is heard. D-9952 turns toward the D-9884.

D-9952: Hey what - [screams]

SCP-087-1, the face, jerks towards until it is approximately 40 centimeters from D-9952, its eyes are fixed directly on the lens and has an angry expression. D-9884 is lying on the ground. The video feed of CAM-01 glitches and freezes for 9 seconds, accompanied by a static-like screeching noise from the audio feed. Audio and video feeds from CAM-01 cut out. Audio and video feeds from CAM-02 is still online.


Video shows full view of the platform, ripped body of D-9952, and SCP-087-1 is looking at the camera lens (CAM-01) on the subject's head, the camera (CAM-02) is laid on the lower part of body. 5 seconds later. SCP-087-1 [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-9884 gets up and starts to ascend the stairs. After 21 seconds of unchanging visual and audio feeds, three entities come from the stairs leading down. First comes as (SCP-087-1a), second as (SCP-087-1b), and third as (SCP-087-1c).

SCP-087-1a is constantly shaking and appears similar to the original SCP-087-1 but larger.

SCP-087-1b appears also similar to the original SCP-087-1, but has a fully open mouth, with no visible teeth.

SCP-087-1c according to the details appears as the face of [DATA EXPUNGED], with no visible pupils, nostrils, and mouth.

SCP-087-1a and SCP-087-1c are floating above the platform and SCP-087-1b is floating above the subject's upper part of the body. The sound of the girl crying starts increasing in volume, and as increasing in volume, SCP-087 starts absorbing more light, this continues for 16 seconds until will be a visible distance of approximately 2 meters. SCP-087-1b is not visible, but SCP-087-1a and SCP-087-1c are still visible. The flood lamp starts flickering and CAM-02 is losing signal. Audio feed indicates that the source of the crying is roughly 2-4 flights down, 5 seconds later.

Audio and video feeds from CAM-02 lost signal, and no connection is reestablished.

Due to the results of the last exploration, no personnel are permitted access to SCP-087. The following document was expunged by order O5-██. Due to the [DATA-EXPUNGED]

Over a period of 2 weeks following Exploration IV, several members of the staff and students from the [REDACTED] campus reported knocking at a variable rate of 1-2 seconds per knock coming from the interior of SCP-087. Our team picked a term when it was least likely the entity producing the knocking would be present behind the door. The inside of the door has been fitted with 6 centimeter thick industrial padding. We haven't received any report regarding the knocking noises yet.1234